What Is the Point of Life? — Yeah, YOU!

As far as I can see, the point of life for me is that:

1. It’s temporary.

It’s a temporary state of existence that is not to be taken all that seriously because it:

2. It’s OK to attach to some things.

There are some outcomes that we attach to with our minds, which we are able to get with some frequency, some consistency. These are things that we should enjoy. They are to be enjoyed so they can help counteract some of the suck of life!

3. Everyone else’s life is sucking also.

If I help lessen other people’s negative experience of life in some way, then I feel good about it. It’s a lasting feeling of good. I tend to think of it in a karma-ish way and I keep a running balance in my mind for the day of things I’m doing good for people or ways in which I’m hurting people or giving them a negative experience.

4. Make yourself happy when you can.

Do something that makes you feel good. For me, this means something like running or surfing or bodyboarding. I love to bodyboard in the waves of Hawaii more than I like to breathe. I have so much intense fun on so many levels with this activity, that, for me it’s like a religious experience. The ultimate high! I also like mountain biking, hiking, some easy climbing, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, and finding venomous snakes in Thailand’s rainforest.

5. Reduce attachment to things that are likely to give you dissatisfaction, or change something so they become more likely to happen.

A.) Competition: For me reducing competition was one thing that has had a very positive result in my life. In the past I have been ultra-competitive.

6. Be happy with very little.

Living in Hawaii, and then Thailand for the past twelve years on very little money has shown me something that I couldn’t have learned if I had read it or even experienced the same thing in the USA.

8. When life is over, it’s over.

No need to prolong this life any longer than we have here. Why prolong the misery? Why make the body live longer than it has a right to? Why force the mind to face death not once, but twice or more times? Why? The fear of death is such a horrible thing that most of us have. I believe that when death comes, it’s a release. And a relief.

What is the point of YOUR LIFE?



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Vern Lovic

Vern Lovic


Author, UAP101.com owner, trail runner. snake advocate, meditator. Twitter: /VernLovic